If you want to get your brand known or to promote your product amid social media, you can orient your marketing activities around this influencer. In other words, you must choose someone who can establish credibility in the desired market, and drive online traffic towards your profile, further improving your brand’s acknowledgement. So, how to select the best suited individual for your brand?

  • Look for an ambassador who is related to your Brand.

Influencers are specific to discrete market segments, and are used as conduits to the entire target segment. This chosen influencer must be related to your brand with their interests, profession or lifestyle; otherwise it would make no sense to have a figure that does not identify with your product.

  • The community must be engaged by them.

Asses and analyze their posts, stories and related hashtag in order to see responses, activity and evaluate if their suggestions are being followed by the desired community. Otherwise, you will not only loose time but money as well, and you do not want that, do you?

  • Check their profile to see the interaction with their followers.

Take notice of their posts along with subsequent interaction: comments and likes. That is how you will know if their followers are real and thus prevailing quality over quantity.

  • Ability to communicate effectively.

The message must be clear and intelligible when suggesting or telling a story, namely the influencer must be able to communicate smoothly, flawless and simply with their community so as to engage or rather incite reactions. In order to innovate and create new proposal, imagination must take you beyond everything that is already known: beyond just recommendations or invitations to acquire some product. And, what is even more striking, according to IAB Spain (“Interactive Advertising Bureau” otherwise known as “Asociación de la publicidad, el marketing y la comunicación digital en España”) regarding social media in 2016, 92% of users exhibited more confidence and security in content generated by other people instead of traditional publicity.

Are you ready to engage in this strategy?

Karla Perez
I am a smiley, friendly Social Media Manager. I am 21 years old and I want to learn just as much as you do. I am pleased to meet you and to know you are reading me today. Have fun and enjoy what I have prepared for you!