Since we are little children we listen to fairytales and stories about princesses, dragons, kids with amazing powers, and so on. Truthfully, we used to love those moments where we lost ourselves within the realms of our imagination, recreating inside our minds all those tales we read and listened to.

As we grow up, we start to change those wonderful stories for subjects that suit our interests, preferences or even tastes.

Therefore, storytelling did not suddenly appear nor is new as we were introduced to stories since we were born.  In fact, we have been telling fairytales for 40 thousand years now, since parietal arts were first discovered, given that it is in our nature to demonstrate and share with others what we went through (at times, even what we invented).

Nowadays, publicists have grown tired of listening to the all too traditional “recommended by professionals” “the best” “this is what you need” along with many other cheesy catchphrases which, people themselves, were also fed up with. Thus by roughly 2006, a few university professors performed some experiments and researches only to realize what we already knew:  we love to listen to fairytales.

As a result, huge brands started to follow this trend, further distancing from what was the usual target, so as to focus on the appeal of consumers.  In a lot of cases, shopping decisions are emotionally driven, hence the introduction of storytelling, which captivates the public from beginning to end, in order to get the brand or product allure to their emotions.

Moreover, knowing and acknowledging the target market is the main secret to be able to know what they like and what they don’t, where they live, what they do, how they do. Basically, the more detail you know, the better you will be able to express and achieve an emotional response.

The storytelling came to stay, as it has become the preferred by marketing professionals. Behind every product, brand, organization or even enterprise, there is always a story to tell.

Yohanna Montero
Hello, I'm a publicist, social media manager, well-spoken, I speak, therefore I think, lover of good books and series. Read you soon.