As time goes by, consumers have become more demanding; to offer quality at a good price is not enough to build loyalty as a brand. That is why it is essential to know what the target market audience wants, thinks and feels while creating strategies that promote loyalty.

Strategies must adapt to the client’s always changing necessities since, nowadays, it is not enough to solely respond to their established expectations; we must provide an unforgettable, complete experience that charms them, ensuring a difference from the competition. The brand that accomplished the strongest impact is always the consumer’s choice.

Such is the reason why Experiential Marketing rises as a growing trend, which was developed to foster on the consumer’s mind, from an emotional and even sensorial point of view during the consumption process. The multidimensional concept of the new experiential marketing suggests that clients can have different outcomes. However, what guarantees the success of a good deed is the client finding it unique and sustainable over time.

Take a look to the international coffee-shop chain Starbucks, which not only offers their clients a cup of coffee, but also a personalized, remarkable experience that starts by simply writing the consumer’s name on their coffee cup.

Taking this example as a reference, it is evident that these strategies provide high viability in the dining perception, given that the consumption process is composed by various elements such as a product that involves the senses, accompanied by the atmosphere, the establishment’s music, and last but not least, the service, which plays a key role in overall appreciation.

Moreover, from an emotional point of view, the gastronomic field allows to take advantage of the customer’s motivation for visiting, as an element to personalize the experience as much as possible.

In other words, it is very likely to build loyalty if a brand is capable of innovating and creating an event that surpasses any expectation, as well as awakening both emotions and senses.

Michelle Patacón
Bachelor of Social Communication in Public Relations and Publicity Marketing Strategist Specialist in Digital Marketing “If you are curious and passionate about knowledge, you are in the right place”