Karla Perez
I am a smiley, friendly Social Media Manager. I am 21 years old and I want to learn just as much as you do. I am pleased to meet you and to know you are reading me today. Have fun and enjoy what I have prepared for you!
September 30, 2017

A frequent question: how can I position myself on social media?

Which product should I buy? I’ve never used this before but it’s from a renowned brand! Should I take one or two? Should I take a chance on it or should I go with the safe option? If you’ve had these worries, let me tell you that all those doubts are related to the same strategy: positioning. Positioning refers to the perception a client has of your brand, product or service, and how it influences them when choosing you or […]
March 16, 2016

Tips for selecting the right influencer for your brand

If you want to get your brand known or to promote your product amid social media, you can orient your marketing activities around this influencer. In other words, you must choose someone who can establish credibility in the desired market, and drive online traffic towards your profile, further improving your brand’s acknowledgement. So, how to select the best suited individual for your brand? Look for an ambassador who is related to your Brand. Influencers are specific to discrete market segments, […]