This is our story…

We are an International Agency that encompasses every aspect of Marketing. Our passion and motivation is to provide our clients with strategies and results that suit their necessities.

Buzz & Pixels, born on 2010, serves as a response to those seeking counseling and results. We are dedicated to creating more than marketing strategies; we create BRAND EXPERIENCES, providing online reputation services and strategic management of social networks.
We do not believe in predetermined plans.

We believe in breaking the mold and guaranteeing the success of each of our clients!

"Frase épica"

Jesús Salazar

CEO & Founder
"Frase épica"

Jose Lugo

CEO & Founder
"Frase épica"

Carlos Cefaratti

Account Executive
"There is nothing wrong with being confident"

Paola Albornoz

General Manager
"Human will, the most powerful thing"

Michelle Patacón

Marketing Strategist
"Less is more, only if you know how to make it work"

Mariangela Boscán

Art Director
"I find your lack of taste disturbing"

Luis Villasmil

Graphic Designer
"Live, love and enjoy"

Karla Pérez

Social Media Manager
"Having nothing to struggle against is having nothing to struggle for."

Johannie Borjas

"Frase épica"

Luis Conde

Senior Programmer