Which product should I buy? I’ve never used this before but it’s from a renowned brand! Should I take one or two? Should I take a chance on it or should I go with the safe option? If you’ve had these worries, let me tell you that all those doubts are related to the same strategy: positioning.

Positioning refers to the perception a client has of your brand, product or service, and how it influences them when choosing you or talking about you.

It’s common for a consumer to have these doubts, but you cannot let this happen, as a brand. You have to be good enough so that you are always the user’s first option!

In order to do that, it is vital to have the product or the service you offer defined. In this way, it will be effective to select the audience you want to reach according to their age, sex, location and personalities.

Once this is defined, make sure to include every possible distribution channel so your target audience buys and uses what you are offering. That is to say, to have access to the product. It also happens in advertising. Choose the most effective media to publish or to promote your product, traditional and digital media included.

Now then, if you still have no presence on the 2.0 world, you are missing a great opportunity to showcase your product, and you must work towards that in order to grow as a brand. When you’re on this world, you must be constant on your posts, listen to your users and heed their requests: they will respond if they like the content.

Continuously, it is important to ask your audiences on social media about how they feel about the service you are offering, since it will help you create a bond with them. Thus, when they are buying a product, they will know which one to choose. You will have positioned your brand on their mind already, so you must take care of your reputation and credibility!

If you want to be different from the competition, offer content that differs from theirs. Of course, keeping it useful for the audience and maintaining your editorial and graphic line. Therefore, they will be representatives of your good service; you will gain followers and increase your profit, reputation, credibility and professionalism. When will you start working on your brand’s positioning?

Tips to position your product on Social Networks!

  1. Define the product or service you are going to offer
  2. Create profiles on the social media that best adapt to your product
  3. Post constantly on those accounts.
  4. Reward your followers’ loyalty
  5. Listen to your users and heed their requests
  6. Build trust with them.
  7. Keep your credibility

Enjoy the process and do not let your followers down!

Karla Perez
I am a smiley, friendly Social Media Manager. I am 21 years old and I want to learn just as much as you do. I am pleased to meet you and to know you are reading me today. Have fun and enjoy what I have prepared for you!